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Voditelj / voditeljica restorana-bara  HZZ OGLAS

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SUNČANI HVAR dioničko društvo za hotelijerstvo, ugostiteljstvo i turizam
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Srednja škola 4 godine
Viša ili prvostupanjska
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3 godine
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Na određeno; sezonski
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SUNČANI HVAR dioničko društvo za hotelijerstvo, ugostiteljstvo i turizam
Ostale informacije:
opis posla: Dodjeljuje zadatke zaposlenima u restoranu/baru i provjerava obavlja li se posao na vrijeme i u skladu s pravilima i procedurama. Upravlja poslužnim procesom i nadgleda ga. Organizira rad odjela te odgovara za isti u hotelima visoke kategorije.
job description: JOB APPLICATION METHOD: Via E-mail: NUMBER OF POSITION: 5 DATE OF EXPIRY: December 31, 2021 ___________________________________________________________________________ JOB DESCRIPTION - Restaurant/bar manager DEPARTMENT: F&B MANAGEMENT LEVEL: Operative REPORTS TO: F&B Manager PROBATION WORK: 1 month JOB LOCATION: Island Hvar JOB DEFINITION Assigns tasks to the employees at the restaurant / bar and verifies whether the job is done on time and in accordance with the rules and procedures. It manages and monitors the server process.
includes shift work, weekend, holiday and night work
frequent co-operation with other people and departments
THE NECESSARY EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND COMPETENCE Work experience: 3 years on the same or similar jobs Education level: High school – hospitality direction Certificates and permissions: safe work training, firefighting, sanitary booklet, hygienic minimum Foreign languges: English (B2), other language (B1) PC knowledge: ECDL essentials Competence: general - complaisance and hospitality ; adaptability and flexibility; accuracy, speed and agility; teamwork and cooperation; reliability and responsibility.
specific – focus on aim and client; stress tolerance; organization; creativity; rescpect for people and the rules.
Main responsibilities general job requirements: care about the cleanliness and neatness of the workplace and personal hygiene
courtesy and pleasant interpersonal relationships
knowledge and optimal exploitation of goods, materials and energy
knowledge and maintenance of tools, equipment, aids for work and inventory
applying regulations
Job content: management (planning, organizing, managing, controlling) the work of the department
coordinates co-operation with other departments
compiles the work schedule and organizes the work processes in the department
takes care of obtaining new candidates and takes part in selection talks
Introduces staff of the same or subordinate status and conducts continuous training
cares about the presence of employees at work, use of free days, paid and unpaid leave and annual leave
Control the purity and quality of the work equipment and the personal hygiene of its subordinate employees
Participates in the creation of needs, selection and procurement of raw materials, materials for work and tools and work tools
monitors and implements new business trends and adapts to changes in the market
Creates and standardizes menus, offers and drafts norms
Control the quality of orders issued and invoicing
Control the quality of service and attendance according to the guest according to the prescribed standards
welcomes and sends off guests and takes care of their accommodation
fully acquainted with the offer of meals and drinks at the hotel to provide valid information to the guest
takes care ofcomplaints from the guests and solves them in an appropriate manner
cares about the stock and their optimal turnover and duration
quantitatively and qualitatively assumes and debits for ordered foods
Participates in promoting food and beverage services and their suggestive sales and takes care that all employees in the department use it
concludes the daily turnover, takes over the wake of the waiter, allocates the preparation for submission to FINA
Responsibility: responsible for timely, proper and quality execution of tasks and delegated tasks
Applies the positive regulations and provisions of the company's charter
performs all available activities aimed at maximizing profit and cost optimization
Reporting technical malfunctions and possible damages
financially and materially responsive to breakage, shortfall and damage to basic assets
financially responsible for debts and receivables
responsible for the work of HACAP
EMPLOYMENT TYPE: partial time - SEASONAL WORKING HOURS: full time work shift – 48 till max 60 hours per week due to Work law and signed statements that Employeer is consent to work in redistribution WORK SHIFTS: morning; afternoon; weekends; holidays; split shift; night shift; work shift; one day in week is free. SALARY: by the agreement with the employer FOOD AND ACCOMMMODATION: in Hotel Bodul-Galeb on Island Hvar in shared rooms with 2 or 3 beds in each room, bathroom included, balcony, beach and centre of the city is near the Hotel , free wi fi on the terrace, 3 meals per day. Accomodation and two meals (breakfast and lunch) are free, dinner is optionally and price for it is 1.60 €. This amount is deducted from the salary. TRANSPORTATION: transportation from domestic land to Hvar is not organized and is not paid by the employer. Worker pays his own transportation. Sunčani Hvar provides assistance in organizing transport to workplaces with detailed informations about destination and how to arrive safely. FOR ANY INFORMATION AND DIRECTIONS PLEASE CONTACT: Ana Cesarec Csaszar Phone: 00385 21 750 045 E-mail:
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