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Future Leaders Program (m/f)

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YOU are smart, enthusiastic, full of energy, and keen on learning new things.

WE are one of the fastest-growing, international retail companies. Let's create something TOGETHER!

How about taking part in our Future Leaders Program? If you wonder what it is about, below are all the answers!

Future Leaders Program is dedicated to self-driven and ambitious candidates who want to develop their skills in different areas. Is that you? Great, because during our three-year program, you will have an opportunity to gain experience in 3 key departments at Pepco: store, supply chain and buying! Your role and responsibilities will change each year, and each year you will learn, and understand more! You will also be able to discover the whole organization's culture. Vast educational program and an access to a clear leadership career path are also encouraging benefits, aren't they?

If you see yourself as a future leader in the retail industry, are looking for a real career, and are eager to grow faster than others - don't hesitate and apply!

If you are still not sure if you will enjoy working at PEPCO just check this!

  • Three-year implementation program led by leaders, executives and external experts is waiting for you. You will receive support from an experienced mentor, and develop skills that will be useful in your entire career
  • Great leaders are made, not born! During your unique three-years leadership training program, you will experience both functional, and personal development to become a successful leader
  • When it comes to learning - practice makes perfect, that's why you will be learning by doing and implementing projects, thanks to which you will get to know our business better
  • How about becoming a store manager? It's a part of the program!
  • You will gain experience in managing people by taking this role. Isn't it great?

Ready to apply? Fantastic!
To sum it up, are you:

  • a talented final-year student of master's studies or a graduate
  • of up to 4 years after graduation,
  • fluent in English,
  • flexible, ambitious, enterprising person who enjoys unconventional thinking,
  • talkative person with teamwork and analytical skills,
  • ready to move cross-country and open to living in another city for several months (if you live outside Poland, you need to be open for international relocation),
  • available full-time, a person with first professional experience behind you?

If the answer is „YES", it means that our Future Leaders Program is an excellent option for you. Don't miss the opportunity to drive your career, test your skills and knowledge and gain experience in a world-renowned company!