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Taxi23 Syd AB
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Malmoe, Sweden
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O poslu

Opis radnog mjesta: Work as a taxi driver in Malmö, Sweden with Taxi23, a well established traditional taxi company. We are experiencing a period of rapid growth and are now recruiting taxi drivers from all EU countries. We welcome you to join our team and grow with us!
Posebne pogodnosti:Fulltime permanent employment.
A starting salary of 1700 EUR with bonus. (Expect to be making more than 2000 EUR after 2 months in the job.)
Free accomodation for the first three months and after that assistance to find your own place.
We will pay for your travel to Sweden.
We will provide all training you need in Sweden and work clothes.
We will have opportunities in the future for positions as supervisors or in administration.
Vrsta posla:stalni radni odnos

O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije:You need to have a good work ethic
You need a valid drivers license
You need a valid taxi license
You need a reasonable knowledge of English
Minimalna stručna sprema:Tečaj
Strani jezik:kroatioan taxi license
Vozačka dozvola:B
Plaća:od 11 000 kn do 13 000 kn

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