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Sound operator (m/f)

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Duties include (but are not limited to):

- Is responsible for handling and operating all sound equipment handed over to him in specific areas on board as laid down in the WI CMO Entertainment Technical Manual (item 4.1.1.).
- For copyright reasons, no changes may be made to the shows without prior permission from AIDA Entertainment on land.
- Is responsible for servicing and maintenance of all equipment handed over to him/her, as well as for maintaining order and cleanliness in his/her field of activity.
- Is responsible for stowing and locking up technical equipment after use
- Arrives punctually at all rehearsals and shows (taking preparation into account)
- Takes an active part in shows on board
- Observes strict secrecy with regard to internal company matters. This obtains beyond the terms of the contract
- Follows the WI CMO Entertainment Technical Manual (ConSense) to the letter
- Takes over responsibility for and administration of all sound equipment in specified areas (based on the inventory) as laid down in the WI CMO Entertainment Technical Manual item 4.1.1.)
- Is responsible for the care and maintenance of said equipment according to the WI CMO Entertainment Technical Manual item 4.2.1.
- Hands over all Sound equipment (in the specified areas) to his/her successor on termination of his/her contract
- Updates and, if necessary, creates inventories and lists of equipment, as well as outstanding repairs and orders in the appropriate documents
- Helps the First Sound Operator in preparing a monthly technic report
- Checks public areas after show spots
- Runs the entertainment programme according to cue-books or on the instructions of the Show Manager
- Co-operates directly with and mutually supports the other operators in the entertainment department
- Is interdepartmentally co-operative
- Reports all defects to the 1st Sound Operator with appropriate documentation
- Is supportive in ordering expendable items via First Sound Operator & Electrician Officer Entertainment
- Follows closely the technicians’ handbook on board (CMO Entertainment Technical Manual)
- Works interdepartmentally on all events
- Takes part in team discussions and is integrated in the entire team.
- Is aware of his/her role as a host in observance of the relevant rules and practices
- Strictly observes the on-board code of conduct, uniform rules and safety and security regulations
- Practises the concepts and philosophy of AIDA
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