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Receptionist (m/f)

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Duties include (but are not limited to):
- The Receptionist works in shifts according to the schedule of the reception.
- The job holder is responsible for a cash float that is assigned to him for the duration of his contract. The onboard cash regulation has to be followed at any time.
- All reception services to ensure a high guest - satisfaction
- Check-in and Check-out of the Passengers / Staff including all necessary tasks
- Currency Exchange
- Incasso
- Dealing with the Telephone System and the Public Announce System
- Cabin Management (collect and forward requests to the Front Office Supervisor (Cara Class) / Front Office Manager (Sphinx Class))
- Solving of complaints and decide about compensations in accordance with the guidelines of the Company, Maintenance Requests
- Acquisition of Manifest Data
- Sale of postcards and other articles
- Settlement of all other operating tasks within the sector of reception
- Takeover of additional tasks of instruction of First Purser, Front Office Manager or Chief Purser
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