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Marketing Coordinator (m/f/d)

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Company overview

SGS - Scalable Global Solutions - is the first DaaS "Department as a Solution" Provider.

We blend EMEA and NEARSHORE resources to provide comprehensive business solutions that are highly cost-efficient. The creation of "DaaS" [Department as a Solution] is the new disruptive solution for companies and their workforce, taking the "Virtual Workforce" concept to the next level, allowing our clients to increase productivity while reducing costs simultaneously.

SGS is a High-Tech Software & Digital DaaS provider - Here for you, a market of 9+ Mio. Highly educated people. We optimize with DaaS 8 core departments/functions of our clients. Our client can implement their tailormade teams in Sales, HR, Operations, Back Office, IT, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Care. Implementing for our clients under their lead and management, DaaS Teams across our client's vital corporate functions is our core competence and the added value we bring to the client. At the core of our DNA, SGS has earned a reputation for creating high-impact solutions, helping our clients stay pertinent-relevant, more efficient & profitable. DaaS will bring a global paradigm shift with the needed significant value add to our clients by serving as a progressive advisor & facilitator to our client's professional endeavours.

MISSION: "We WORK & YOU GROW" - SGS optimizes the efficiency & effectiveness of our client's value chain and business success. We enable our client's business success and growth with our DaaS "Department as a Solution". We help them to move into the 21st century. Our focus is to drive, create and optimize our client's impact in their market by making them more successful.

VISION: To become the global DaaS provider. To change how future generations will work, live & play—introducing a new concept to clients that enable them to become more successful and competitive.

Marketing Coordinator (F/M/D)
[Location: Zagreb Office]

Level: Mid-Level Management
Language Skills: Fluent English and additional language is beneficial

Professional Skills

Your Qualifications:
- Managing a team of up to 4 people
- 3+ years in the position
- Strong experience with Word Press
- Coordinate development of the Web page by coordinating with the Web developer
- Proven experience as a marketing specialist or similar role
- Understanding of marketing elements (including traditional and digital marketing such as SEO/Social media etc.) and market research methods
- Strong know-how of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
- Demonstrable experience in marketing data analytics and tools
- Excellent skills in creating web-based Presentations
- Solid computer skills, including MS Office, marketing software (Adobe Creative Suite & CRM), and applications (Web analytics, Google AdWords, etc.

Education: min. Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
Willingess to Travel (%): 10%
Reports to CEO
Sector: Marketing Sales
Contract: Full-Time indefinite

We are looking for a positive, detail-oriented, and diligent person who has knowledge and skills with WordPress, Canva, Illustrator, and other similar programs related to Marketing tools.
A persona combines marketing and social media management skills to architect and enhances company social media presences, including interacting with customers, promoting brand-focused interactive and engaging content, and expanding revenue opportunities.
Works with social media team members to create innovative social media campaigns.
If the person fits into the team, company's culture, and performs, permanent placement is a possibility.

Role description

  • Develop, implement, and manage our social media strategy
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for creative marketing campaigns
  • Manage and oversee social media content
  • Measure the success of every social media campaign
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies
  • Creating Presentations in PPT and online
  • Translate complex data and analytical models into insights that can be used to develop marketing strategie
  • Assist in analysing marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic, etc.) to help shape future marketing strategies


  • Strong Visual Aesthetic
  • Community Management
  • Trend Awareness
  • Embracing Channel Diversity
  • Utilizing Social Media Ads

Personal characteristics

  • Willpower
  • Patience
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Connection
  • Optimism
  • Self-confidence
  • Self - motivation

Join a great team, a growing company with international expertise and long-term changes for your career.

If you are the right candidate for the position, we look forward to getting to know you! Please apply via application link below.

Scalable Global Solutions d.d. / Ulica grada Vukovara 284 / 10000 Zagreb / Croatia