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Junior Sous Chef (m/f)

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Duties include (but are not limited to):
- The restrictions of the food concept in his area of accountability
- Controlling and realizing of the health & safety regulations and the environmental restrictions- ompliance of budget restrictions in his area of accountability
- Communication with the passengers
- Controlling and giving of instructions for the creation of all food in his area
- Controlling of the cleaning regulations in his area
- Ordering of all necessary articles for daily consumption in the area of responsibility
- Using of the commodities management system Crunchtime
- Controlling and organization of ordering, storing and stock rotation of commodities in the single kitchen areas
- Controlling of the takeover of provisions together with the provision master regarding organization, quality and quantity of the commodities
- Set up of duty roasters and controlling/administration of the timesheets for his crew area
- Controlling and realizing of cleanliness and regulations according to USPH and HACCP
- Leading of the staff in his section:
introduction and training of his staff
controlling and motivation of his staff
practising of evaluation and potential recognition conversations
- Quality and price conscious consumption (economical working methods) of food, follow absolutely standards regarding:
preparation by hygienic standards
- Correct instruction forms to subordinated employees
- Knowledge about the allotted safety role (manning number) and tasks in an emergency
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