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Spoljar Transport is the leading company in Croatia specializing in the transportation of vehicles that is partnered with the world's largest vehicle manufacturers. It owns more than 130 cargo units and is part of the group Charles André Transports, which operates in more than 70 shipping and logistics subsidiaries in France and Europe with a total workforce of about 7,000 employees.

Because of the increased volume of work in the Control Department we are looking for Fuel monitoring responsible with very good English & German knowledge.

To manage and optimize transport operations, he/she:

  • Monitor the fuel consumption
  • Monitor/collect mileage per vehicle (total fleet mileage) - tracking average fuel consumption
  • Follows entire process of fines for drivers, from their arrival to further processing and charging
  • Calculate of individual travel expenses by transport order (depreciation, fuel, tolls, tire cost)
  • Conduct a complete procedure for obtaining work permits, driver licenses, driving permits required within the EU
  • Manages drivers hours (e.g. departure times, range and working time)
  • Adapts the labor force/drivers to the variations in activity and constraints in order to collect weekend hours, training, authorizations
  • Reports the status of the equipment on the schedule (loaded, empty, etc.)
  • Ensures effective and constructive collaboration with his colleagues

To motivate and manage a team of drivers, he/she:

  • Gives instructions to drivers in a precise and comprehensive manner
  • Communication and giving drivers guidance on daily fuel consumption
  • Ensures compliance with the driver's manual and the customers' safety instructions (e.g. safety procedures).
  • Regularly sensitizes the drivers to service quality and their role as representatives of the company
  • Shares out the transport operations in an equitable manner
  • Listens to the drivers, is positive toward them and disciplines them if necessary
  • Participates in driver evaluations
  • Handles day-to-day difficulties and conflicts and refers more significant problems to his/her line manager
  • Contributes to the integration of new drivers
  • Participates in the organization and running of activity meetings (e.g. fuel & safety meetings, etc.).

To monitor transport provision:

  • Ensures that previous fuel check is performed, fuel consumption check per truck, mileage, running of fuel consumption average
  • Verifies that consumption correspond to the standard consumption for the trip
  • Manages the attached costs (tolls, driver expenses, etc. )
  • Ensures that all items of billing are communicated according to the procedures
  • Monitors the profitability of transport & fuel consumption using the tools placed at his/her disposal
  • Warns of the non-achievement of objectives (decrease of fuel consumptions) and analyzes the causes with his/her line manager (driver training, routes, etc.)


  • Telephone constraint
  • Constantly dealing with multiple tasks and multiple requests


  • "Knowledge"
    • Good understanding of the written and oral expression.
    • Knowledge of the applicable regulations
    • Baccalaureate level + 2 years transport or equivalent knowledge
    • Office computing.
    • Very good knowledge of English & German language is obligatory
  • "Know-how"
    • Sense of customer service
    • Sense of the organization
    • Sense of the result
    • Teamwork
    • Ability to make decisions and to solve problems
  • "Personal skills"
    • Availability
    • Sense of contact
    • Personal strength

When you start working with us, you will go through structured introductory education with mentor support. We care about the organizational climate within the company, and we encourage accountability, efficiency and teamwork. We also offer the ability to improve and further develop within the company.

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