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Firmware Developer (m/f)

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O poslu

Opis radnog mjesta:
PeK Automotive is a leader in the development of autonomous electric systems and vehicles for agriculture and rescue. We are looking for talented and experienced professionals to join our fast growing company. Visit for more employment opportunities.

We are extending our R&D department and are looking for professionals in the field of firmware development. If you’re interested in developing firmware for electronics of our autonomous robotic platform, we’ll be happy to see you as part of our team.

For application send your CV to or contact us by phone: +38669639759 (Oleg)
Posebne pogodnosti:
- Good salary
- Amazing co-workers
- Help with relocation if needed
- 40-hours work week, from Monday to Friday from 8.00 till 16.00
- Compensation for lunch and transportation from/to work
- Free coffee and tea
Vrsta posla:
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O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije:
The main tasks are to support and extend the functionality of onboard firmware of autonomous electric vehicle and hinged equipment for it.

- Experience in firmware development
- Completed projects for STM32 MCUs

ADVANCED SKILLS (optional but very welcome):
- Scientific work experience
Potrebno radno iskustvo:
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od 9 000 kn do 15 000 kn