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DJ (m/f)

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Duties include (but are not limited to):
- Musical sound reproduction for the different locations after consultation with superiors with an eye to guest satisfaction
- Responsibility for relaying and reporting of any necessary repairs and procurement of replacements for the working materials provided
- Responsibility for the proper custody of own and ships CD / music stock and playbacks
- Punctuality in all programme items
- Strict protection of company-internal information even after end of contract
- Varied and guest-orientated musical selection and compilation for the motto and pool parties and at disco events while observing the content guidelines
- Creating an ambience with music
- Co-responsibility for the creation of atmosphere
- Presentation and realisation of the host function during the events
- Handing over / taking back of equipment
- Close cooperation with Music Manager and Gastgeber
- Assisting the Gastgeber at events such as pool radio or at general entertainment events such as “Officers’ Shakes” with music, technical supervision and presentation
- Participation in team talks and meetings
- Integration in the complete team
- Realisation of host function taking into account the set of rules appertaining
- Observance of on board rules and of safety regulations
- Responsibility for the compliance of internal corporate requirements; HESS Standards (and also for the fulfillment of his/her individual safety duty according to the Muster List)
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