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Assistant with knowledge of French and Dutch (m/f)

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O poslu

Opis radnog mjesta:
Mooie Glimlach d.o.o. is a company who work with dental clinic ARENA, as a connection between patients from Belgium and policlinic. Our core business is promoting ARENA’s dental services on Belguim market, organising travel to Croatia with purpose to ensure the best possible dental care.

- Contact French requests (call-centre)
- Send reminders for upcoming appointments, recall, etc
- Double checking appointments if they fit with plane tickets and accommodation
- Airport transport
administration work (invoice for plane tickets etc. )
- Looking for dates for appointments with call-centre
- Support marketing team/translating
- Answer on FB messages
- Fill in insurance papers

We are offering part time job or student job for a beginning, with possibility to start full time in the future, flexible job with flexible working hours and mainly working from home.
Vrsta posla:
honorarni posao / freelance, student servis

O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije:
We are expecting for candidate to speak fluently French and Dutch, and English or Croatian. We’re looking for candidate with has highly developed communication skills, able to manage priorities during the day and highly responsible.

Please apply via application link below.
Strani jezik:
dutch / flemish and french
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Poznavanje rada na računalu:
od 398 € do 929 €
(od 3 000 kn do 7 000 kn)