Joint-Venture Marketer (m/f)

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Help grow this Silicon Valley-based, stealth-mode AI startup by joining their remote team as a JV manager & marketer.

They’re looking for fiercely independent and self-motivated people who can thrive in the comfort of their own work-space, on their own hours.

Their company culture is intense, but professionally and personally rewarding. You’ll own projects, be expected to contribute ideas at a high level, and execute. Best of all, working in a remote setting allows you to spend less time in meetings and more time doing the things you love.

You will:
1. Communicate with and set up cross-promotional marketing between the company and other companies/publishers
2. Grow these relationships professionally and personally
3. Collaborate with product management staff to produce marketing funnels catered to the needs of their JV partners
4. Network new JV relationships with publishers, websites, and email list owners
5. Document your procedures carefully to work closely with all other departments
6. Track and ensure that profit metrics are always growing via effective media-buying and JV cross promotions
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stalni radni odnos, rad na određeno vrijeme, honorarni posao
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Znanja i kvalifikacije:
1. Have superb written skills and good language articulation
2. Have a background or experience in direct sales or marketing
3. Be skilled at relating to people and over-delivering the necessary results for their cross-marketing efforts
4. Be tenacious at personal networking
5. Understand how to operate email newsletter marketing
6. Understand media-buying and affiliate marketing

Nice to haves:
1. A background in impulse-driven niches, e.g. bizopp, weight loss, alternative health, personal development, MLM product development, etc.

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