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Embedded Software engineer position (m/f)

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O poslu

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We are Geolux, a company that creates instruments and software solutions for the hydrology radar and sensor industry, serving clients in over 50+ countries worldwide. We design, develop, and produce everything in-house, and our R&D team constantly works on exciting new projects. Radar sensors, data loggers, software applications - every engineer can find a role for himself in our always-fulfilling internal ecosystem.

We are looking for a talented Embedded Software engineer.

- Bare metal and RTOS-embedded firmware
- Embedded firmware design, development, debugging, testing, documenting
- Multidisciplinary engineering
Posebne pogodnosti:
What we offer:
- Stimulative competitive salary depending on your skill set
- Flexible working hours. No euphemism for 0-24h availability but relaxed arrivals at the job for maximum work-life balance
- Highly experienced team that can help you grow as an engineer
- Working on exciting and interesting projects that you can contribute with not only work but also with the new ideas
- Not project but product-oriented approach
- Annual and significant life event bonuses
- Payments in 3rd pension pillar
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stalni radni odnos, rad na određeno vrijeme

O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije:
Basic skills:
- Degree in engineering, preferably Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, but others can also apply (Mechanical, Mathematics, Physics, etc.)
- Great knowledge of C
- Practical experience with embedded firmware
- Know your way around HW schematics and basic electronical concepts
- Handling of electrical equipment (oscilloscopes, power supplies, etc.)
- Strong problem-solving skills and ability to learn
- Fluency in English

- Knowledge of C++ and RTOS programming (FreeRTOS, etc.)
- Knowledge of embedded systems programming, considering limited system resources (RAM, ROM, CPU)
- Experience with UART, SPI, I2C, etc.
- Understanding of signal processing algorithms
- Familiar with version control systems (Git)

If you are interested in the position or have questions, please apply with your CV to [email protected] or via 'Application link' below.
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